Faculty and Staff Services

Consultation on Library-Related Assignments

Librarians are happy to work with you to create a library assignment that will fit into your class. We will work with you to identify sources in the library that will support the assignment. These could be materials the library already owns, material to be purchased or borrowed, web sites, etc. This may also help you fulfill the Information Literacy requirements of the Owensboro Community & Technical College Quality Enhancement Plan. Please call John Lutzel at 270-686-4574 or drop by his office in the library.

Request Library Class Instruction

If you would like to bring your class to the library for instruction before they begin work on an assignment using library resources and materials, submit a request online or call John Lutzel at 270-686-4574. He will work with you to design the workshop your students need to prepare them to successfully complete your assignment. Also, it is far more effective if you are present during John’s presentation and to answer students’ questions concerning the assignment.

Reserving L216 Computer Lab

Located upstairs on the lake side of the Learning Resource Center building and reserved solely for faculty and staff use, L216 contains a podium, 24 computers, a facilitator's computer, and a multimedia projector. The remote for the overhead projector is in the lab, next to the facilitator's computer.

Unless you are requesting library instruction, right before your reservation time, you will need to stop by the circulation desk to check out the key in order to open the door. This lab is to remain locked when not in use, so please relock the door when leaving and return the key to the circulation desk.

You may call 270-686-4574, 270-686-4575, or 270-686-4590 to reserve the lab for your class, workshop, or other event.

Employee ID/Library Card

Faculty and staff may obtain an employee ID card at the main campus library anytime during regular hours. Identification may be required of new members. For more information, please call 270-686-4590.

Requesting Interlibrary Loans

You may request to borrow materials through interlibrary loan by submitting an online ILL request form, completing this printable ILL request form and sending it to the library, or completing a form while at the circulation desk in the library. Contact Ann Bennett at 270-686-4577 should you have any questions regarding this service.

  • NOTE:  The library will not request materials that we own or can be found in an Owensboro area library and is available for check-out. Please check local catalogs for books or our electronic databases for articles before submitting a request.

Putting Material on Reserve

Allow at least one week for the Library to process reserve materials before notifying your students. If there is a special need to have the items on reserve sooner or you have other questions regarding this service, please contact Ann Bennett at 270-686-4577.

Any instructional material may be placed on reserve, whether it is an OCTC Library item or your own copy. However, the Library cannot assume responsibility for loss or damage of personal copies (note: barcode stickers, etc. will be placed on items and may not come off). Please feel free to speak with a librarian about ordering a copy of book or audiovisual material to be placed on reserve.

Due to copyright restrictions, these guidelines will be followed:

  1. If only one copy of an item is to be photocopied and placed on reserve, then it is permissible to copy an entire article, an entire chapter from a book, or an entire poem.
  2. The same photocopied material cannot be used two semesters in succession.
  3. The material must contain a notice of copyright.
  4. The effect of photocopying the material for reserve should not be detrimental to the market for the work. (In other words, the library should own a copy of the work if it is in print and available for purchase.)
  5. Photocopies will be either discarded or returned to the professor at the end of each semester.
  6. Only legitimate copies of videorecordings will be placed on reserve (Original recordings or those with permission from copyright owner).
  7. A fully completed Reserve request form must accompany any material being placed on reserve. Copies of this form are available at the circulation desk as well or you can use our online Reserve request form. This form is necessary for copyright compliance and statistics purposes.

Collection Development Request

Any faculty, staff and student patron may request the library purchase a particular item for inclusion in its collections. However, the item requested must meet the guidelines set forth in our collection development policies. Contact Donna Abell 270-686-4575 or John Lutzel 270-686-4574 for more information.

Ordering Videorecordings for Preview

Videorecordings that cost over $100 must be previewed before they are purchased by at least three faculty members if no reviews are available; less than three are acceptable if reviews are available.  If you have a videorecording you would like to request for purchase, send an email request to Lora Waters (270-686-4657) in the Library.  She will inquire to see if previewing is allowed. 

You will be notified when the material arrives. When you pick the material up in the library, reviewing forms will be with the material along with a date to have the material back to the library. Once the material is returned to the library with the forms completed, a final decision will be made on the purchase.

Requesting and Scheduling Audiovisual Equipment

The following equipment is available for check out from the Library for use in the classroom:

  • DVD/VHS player (if one is not in your classroom)
  • Audio recorder
  • Overhead projector
  • Portable CD/Cassette player 
  • Presentation easel
  • Multimedia projector and laptop
  • Projection screen

Call 270-686-4580 to reserve equipment. All AV requests should be made at least 24 hours in advance.  To confirm your request, please follow up in writing or by email to Lora Waters.  If Lora is not available when you call, try the main desk at the library at 270-686-4590. 

  • NOTE:  Problems with computers and/or the computer projection systems installed in some rooms must be referred to the IT department.

Copying Services

We copy, bind, and/or fold brochures, handouts, manuals, programs, etc.  Also, we can process some multi-part forms and laminate documents up to 11 x 17 inches in size. Your division/department is charged for your copy request, so if necessary, please refer to the current print shop rate schedule. Please fill out a Copy Request form available from division assistants or the Print Shop (incomplete request forms may delay processing of your request, so fill in all information). Leave completed request form attached to document to be copied in the designated drop off/pick up tub for your building. Please note the following important details regarding pick up and delivery of print shop requests*:

  • All materials to be copied MUST be in the tub by 12:30 pm.
  • All materials must be in a ready to print format. No changes will be made by the print shop. All originals are returned with the copies.
  • Pick up times will be between 12:30 pm and 1:00 pm; that is also when the previous days copying will be delivered.
  • All materials will be duplicated in black ink unless specified to the contrary in the special instructions section of the copy request form.
  • All copy requests require at least 24 hours to process from when said materials are picked up. Should a request involve more than simple duplication (i.e. binding. laminating, etc.) you will need to submit your request sooner, so please contact the print shop for an estimated return time. An increase in turn-around time also applies to the 2-3 weeks at the beginning of the semester, so plan accordingly.

* EXCEPTIONS: Materials may be left at the library’s main desk any time, but a 24 hour turnaround time is still required.  If materials are absolutely needed before the regular delivery times, let Angela Smith (270-686-4466) know and the materials will be placed with the front desk of the library and they may be picked up there.  It will be the responsibility of the person making the special request to pick up their materials. 

Contact Angela Smith at 270-686-4466 or Lora Waters at 270-686-4580 with any questions you may have regarding print shop requests. You may also call the library's main desk at 270-686-4590 for assistance if necessary.