Computer Use Policies

Owensboro Community & Technical College Library's computers are available for faculty, staff, students, and community patrons. They are primarily used for educational purposes. 

Acceptable uses include:

  • Searching Internet and library resources for research on college-based assignments

  • Email for college assignments and communication

  • Use of software programs already loaded on computers for completing homework assignments or study

Unacceptable uses include:

  • Changing settings

  • Downloading programs, sending chain letters, printing excessive numbers of documents, or other activities that could cause congestion and/or disruption to the network

  • Storing information on hard drive. A USB mini-drive or flash drive must be used for storage instead.

  • Using Internet or email for commercial purposes or personal business

  • Distributing personal information

  • Using abusive or objectionable language

  • Knowingly and repeatedly visiting pornographic or illegal sites or disseminating or soliciting sexually oriented messages or images that might be considered harassment by others

  • Using Internet or email for unlawful activities

  • Misrepresentation of oneself or the college

  • Duplicating software that is protected by copyright

NOTE: Due to increases in enrollment and the limited availability of computers, especially during peak usage times, the library reserves the right to regulate the amount of time any one person can utilize a computer in order for other patrons to have access.

In conclusion, users should be aware that federal and state laws govern certain aspects of computer and telecommunications use.  All library users are expected to respect these laws and must agree to observe college rules and regulations. Also, please be sure to read the privacy warning.