Name     Job Title Phone  Campus Room
Abell, Donna Associate Professor, Library ll (270)686-4575     MN LRC104
Adams, Mary  B&N Bookstore (270)686-4523     MN CC
Alschbach, Matthew Assistant Professor, History (270)852-8637     MN T122 
Arnold, Judy Instructor, Nursing (270)686-4695     MN AC100C
Ash, Angela Assistant Professor, History (270)686-4505     MN T114 
Ashby, Johnny Adult Education Specialist ll  (270)686-4641      DT
Ashley, Dorrita Division Administrative Assistant - Maintenance (270)686-4652     MN M&O
Autry, Dean Assoc Dean of Academic Affairs (270)686-4464     MN ATC211F
Ayer, Bernice Dir of Financial Aid (270)686-4518     MN CC213
Bailes, Steve Professor, Computer Aided Drafting (270)686-4465     MN ATC211D
Baker, Marsha Adult Education Specialist ll (270)686-4454     DT 1
Ballard, Katie Program Facilitator (270)686-4529     MN LRC206C
Basham, Zara Associate Professor, Surgical Technology (270)686-4650     MN S116
Beardmore, Kevin Chief Student Affairs Officer (270)686-4504     MN CC204
Bellwood, Debbie Payroll Specialist I (270)686-4470     SE 245
Bennett, Ann Library Specialist (270)686-4577     MN LRC100
Benningfield, Rob Maintenance Technician (270)686-4439     MN M&O
Bertke, Stacey Division Administrative Assistant - Social Sciences, Business & Public Service (270)686-4543     MN T112
Boarman, Keith Workforce Development Liaison (270)686-4440     DT 6
Booker, Connie Assistant Professor, Mathematics (270)852-8605     MN S126
Borregard, Andrea Coord of Financial Aid (270)686-4521     MN CC213
Bowlds, Barry Associate Professor, Welding Technology             (270)686-4406       SE 136 
Bowlds, Joy Coord of Institutional Effect (270)852-8965     MN CC105
Bowman, Christi  Sr. Administrative Assistant-Workforce  (270)686-4456     DT  2A 
Boyd, Michael Professor, Business Technology (270)686-4584     MN LRC213
Boyd, Vicki Professor, Communications (270)686-4447     DT S2
Branham, Matt Professor, English (270)686-4582     MN LRC209
Brooks, Lauren  Adult Education Specialist ll - Skilltrain  (270)298-4470 (270) 231-0338   OC / MC 
Brown, Kaye Associate Professor, English (270)686-4587     MN LRC218
Bruner, Mary Administrative Assistant - TRIO (270)686-4545     MN LRC211
Bryenton, John TV Production Mgr/Coord (270)686-4615     DT 21
Butler, Donna Program Coordinator (270)686-4495     MN LRC214 
Calhoun, Karri     Work and Learn Manager     (270)852-8963     DT 4
Calhoun, Linda Senior Admissions Advisor (270)686-4473     MN CC206
Canales, Mike  Associate Professor, Health Care Facilities Leadership Program Director     (270)852-8142      SE  254 
Caplan, Geralyn Professor, Biology (270)686-4636     MN S117
Carden, Sandy Assoc Dean of Student Affairs (270)686-4536     MN CC100A
Cecil, Jessica Director of Program Facilitation - TRIO (270)686-4613     MN LRC211
Clark, Robin Instructor, Office Systems Technology        MN   
Collins, Shannon Professor, English (270)686-4624     MN H120
Conkright, Linda Division Administrative Assistant (270)686-4591     MN CC102
Conrad, Penni Business Affairs Specialist (270)852-8634     MN A113
Crowe, Randy Associate Professor, Machine Tool Technology (270)686-4469     MN ATC211N
Curtis-Abuonk, Vickie Associate Professor, Mathematics (270)686-4637     MN S118
DePasquale, Donna  Instructor, Mathematics  (270)686-4559     MN  S123
Dick, Tim Professor, Biology (270)686-4635     MN S115
Donahoo, Lori Assistant Professor, Nursing (270)686-4557     MN AC1001 
Dowell, Erin   Custodial Worker ll        MN     M&O
Drane, Tabitha Program Facilitator (Simulation Specialist)  (270)686-4549      MN  AC107 
Dukes, Janet Student Affairs Assistant lll (270)686-4537     MN CC100
Duncan, Tiffany Student Affairs Assistant III (270)686-4514     MN CC100
Durr, Mary Campus Assistant (270)686-4405     MN ATC102
Ebelhar, Bethany Assistant Professor, Nursing (270)686-4578     MN AC100I
Edds-Ellis, Stacy Associate Dean of Academic Affairs (270)686-4573     MN A130
Edwards, Michelle Associate Professor, Early Childhood Educ (270)686-4408     MN AC110I
Ellis, Christy Program Coordinator (270)686-4448     SE 246
Embrey, Janice Custodial Worker ll       MN M&O
Evans, Kay Admissions Advisor (270)686-4490     MN CC206
Fiorella, Cindy Chief Comm Workforce Econ Dev (270)686-4445     DT S3
Ford, Connie Professor, Music (270)686-4629     MN H122
Free, Kim Mgr External Education Prog (270)686-4446     DT S4
Freer, Joe Maintenance Worker (270)686-4653     MN M&O
Gesser, Chad Associate Professor, Sociology (270)686-4435     MN T119
Gibson, Molly Assistant Professor, English (270)852-8635     MN H101C 
Gish, Misty Associate Professor, Biology (270)686-4554     MN AC110K
Glenn, Bob Professor, Communications (270)686-4553     MN LRC223
Glenn, Jim Professor, Business Technology (270)686-4606     MN T123
Gore, Mike Professor, Machine Tool Technology (270)686-4468     MN ATC211L
Greer,Lindsey Program Facilitator - TRIO  (270)852-8144      MN LRC206B 
Hale, Bernie Dir of Public Relations (270)686-4506     MN A128
Hall, Theresa Assistant Professor, Nursing     (270)686-4546     MN AC100D
Hamilton, Cassandra Assistant Professor, Education (270)686-4551     MN AC110J
Hammonds, Scott Associate Professor, Engineering Technology (270)686-4459     MN ATC211H
Hartz, Jim Chief Information Tech Officer (270)686-4630     MN LRC202
Head Jr, Monty Assistant Professor, Mathematics (270)686-4478     MN ATC211J
Helm, Monty Professor, Art (270)686-4626     MN H125
Higdon, Marty Assistant Professor, Electrical Technology (270)686-4540     MN     ATC211E
Hildenbrandt, Dan Assoc. Professor, Communications (270)686-4625     MN H121
Hodskins, Becky Business Affairs Asst lll (270)686-4510     MN A105B
Hoffman, Kathy Associate Professor, Biology (270)686-4643     MN S124
Hohiemer, Vickie Dir of Human Resources (270)686-4512     SE 252
Hollman, Steve Professor, Construction Technology (270)686-4479     DT 19
Hoover, Mike Utility Worker (270)315-8737     SE 107
Howard, Darrell Part-time, Workforce Solutions Technical Training (270)852-8610     DT 17B
Howard, Jacqueline  Instructor, Vet Tech (270)686-4442      DT  23mezzine
Howard, Penny Division Administrative Assistant- Mathematics, Science & Allied Health (270)686-4632     MN S112
James, Walter Assistant Professor, Diesel Technology (270)686-4498     SE 113
Johnson, Charles Student Affairs Specialist (270)686-4460     MN CC102C
Johnson, Connie Assistant Professor, IT  (270)686-4576     MN T203
Johnson, Jim Professor, Spanish (270)686-4628     MN H124
Johnson, Tonya Library Specialist (270)686-4590     MN CIRC DESK
Johnston, Cynthia Division Assistant - Personal Services & Skill Trades (270)686-4618     SE 242
Kafer, Lindsey Dir of Adult Education Services - SkillTrain  (270)686-3781      DT  
Kinney, Mary Coord of Academic Programs (270)686-4434     MN LRC206D
Kobella, Peter Associate Professor, Biology (270)686-4611     MN S122
Kost, Chard Custodial Worker       MN M&O
Lacefield, Luke Information Tech. Specialist/Helpdesk  (270)686-4541      MN ATC 
Lanham, Terri Assoc Dean of Academic Affairs (270)686-4548     MN AC100B
Layman, Janet Assistant Professor, Nurse Aid  (270)686-3797      DT  20 
Leach, Eddie Assoc. Professor, Vet Tech (270)686-3780      DT   23MEZZ
Leachman, Alitta Student Affairs Specialist - Adult Education (270)686-4454     DT 1
Ledford, Julia Assoc Dean of Academic Affairs (270)686-4627     MN H123
Lee, Sherry Instructional Specialist l (270)686-4535     MN TLC
Lewis, Court  Instructor, Philosophy  (270)686-4621      MN  H110
Logsdon, Rhonda Associate Dean of Business Affairs (270)686-4619     MN A101
Lovitt, Brent Student Affairs Specialist  (270)852-8979     MN    LRC205E
Lutzel, John Associate/Librarian ll (270)686-4574     MN LRC103
Maltby, Marc Assoc Dean of Academic Affairs (270)686-4544     MN T113
Martin, David Professor, Math /Chemistry (270)686-4597     MN S203
McCrary, Lauren Assistant Professor, Administrative Office Technology (270)686-4593     MN T124
McDonough, Greta Professor, Human Services (270)686-4666     MN T121
McGee, Jennifer Associate Professor, Nursing (270)686-4568     MN AC100K
McKenney, Janet Senior Administrative Assistant (270)686-4515     MN A121
McNeal, Lewatis     Associate Dean of Student Affairs (270)852-8607     MN LRC207
Meacham, Robert       Instructor, Engineering Technology     (270)686-4462     MN     ATC211K
Menser, Joy Associate Professor, Radiography (270)686-4633     SE 205 
Midkiff, Christi Dir of Grants and Contracts (270)686-4552     MN A120
Midkiff, Kitt Executive Administrative Assistant to the President (270)686-4508     MN A127
Millay, Waylon Student Affairs Assistant I (270)686-3792     MN CC102
Miller, Clyde         Instructor, Collision Repair Technology (270)686-4499     SE 129
Miller, Craig Information Tech Project Mgr (270)686-4517     MN LRC204
Miller, Karen Asst Dir, Adult Education Services - SkillTrain (270)686-4420     DT
Miller, Larry Chief Inst Advancement Officer (270)686-4502     MN A116
Miller, Tyler  Instructional Specialist - Agriculture (270) 686-4493     SE 106
Mills, Connie Custodial Worker ll       MN M&O
Minnicks, Cindy Utility Worker (270)315-7253     DT 13A
Minton, Jerry Maintenance & Oper Asst Supv (270)686-4653     MN M&O
Morris, Ed Professor, Psychology (270)686-4608     MN T125
Morris, Kelly Associate Professor, Nursing (270)686-3187      MN AC100C 
Moseley, Danny Professor, Machine Tool Technology (270)686-4441     MN ATC211M
Mowers, Kathy Professor, Mathematics (270)686-4564     MN AC110B
Moxley, Kenny Maintenance & Operations Supv (270)686-4471     MN M&O
Mundell, Don Associate Professor, Chemistry (270)686-4645     MN S202
Nacey, Nicole Business Affairs Specialist (270)686-4419     MN A109
Nall, Keith Lewis Assistant Professor,Automotive (270)686-4494     SE 116A
Newton, Rodney TV Producer (270)686-4620     DT 21
Northenor, Tonya Assoc. Professor, English (270)686-4586     MN LRC212
Obilade, Tony Assoc. Professor - English (270)686-4602     MN H101B
Payne, Justin Assoc. Professor, Engineering Technology (270)686-4458     MN ATC211I
Payne, Shawn Associate Professor - Mechatronics (270)686-3789     MN ATC214
Perkins, Micah Associate Professor - Biology (270)686-4610     MN S125
Pickle, Pamela Division Administrative Asst (270)686-4663     MN A114
Plain, Sheri Dir of Program Facilitation (270)686-4436     DT S5
Porter, Connie Human Resources Asst (270)686-4513     SE 253
Price, Sarah Chief Business Affairs Officer (270)686-4501     MN A104
Probus, Sidney Custodial Worker ll (270)315-8737      SE M&O 
Purdy, Bob Associate Professor, Criminal Justice (270)686-4601     MN T118
Purdy, Cheryl Associate Professor, IT (270)686-4660     MN ATC102C
Redd, Dennis Facilities Mgmt Team Leader (270)686-4653     MN    M&O
Revlett, Kimberly Instructor, Nurse Aide (270)686-4607     SE 202
Rice, Tammy Assoc. Professor, Communications (270)686-4561     MN AC110D
Rice, Taryn     Admissions Advisor      (270)852-8976     MN  CC206 
Riley, Penny Student Affairs Specialist (270)852-8615     MN LRC206
Roach, Martha Student Affairs Assistant ll (270)686-4656     MN CC220A
Rodgers, Mike Chief Academic Affairs Officer (270)686-4503     MN A122
Ross, Christine Custodial Worker ll       MN M&O
Rowland, Jeff Maintenance Worker (270)686-4653     MN M&O
Runyon, Carl Associate Professor, English (270)686-4622     MN H116
Ruth, Debbie Associate Professor, English (270)686-4588     MN LRC222
Sallan, Veena Assoc Dean of Academic Affairs (270)686-4639     MN S113
Sampson, Terri Administrative Asst,  SkillTrain (270)686-4454     DT 1
Schmitt, Theresa Professor, Information Technology (270)686-4604     MN T205
Scott, Steve Electrician (270)316-1382     MN M&O
Shock, Diann  Administrative Assistant - Workforce Solutions  (270)686-4444      DT S1 
Simon, Jason TV Producer  (270)686-4616     DT 21
Simon, Larry UK (270)684-4696     SE 206
Simon, Rebecca Student Affairs Assistant l (270)686-3795     MN CC213
Skaggs, Meredith Assistant Professor, Communication (270)852-8636     MN  AC110G
Smith, Angela Library Specialist (270)686-4466     DT 14D
Smith,Jackie              Workforce Solution Bus. Dev. Mgr. (270)852-8966      DT      S8 
Smith, Susan Project Manager - Workforce Solutions (270)686-4453     DT 2A
Snyder, Carol Student Affairs Assistant lll (270)686-4467     MN CC213
Sommer, Andy Assistant Professor - HVAC (270)686-4476     DT 15 
Southard, Sonya Manager, Barnes & Noble Bookstore (270)686-4526     MN CC
Stanley, Mari Instructional Specialist l (270)686-4534      MN    TLC
Stiff, Amy Fogle     Coor. of Ready to Work Program (270)686-4556     DT 4
Stiff, Mark Information Tech Specialist (270)686-4475     DT 22A
Stone, Larry Instructor/Coordinator - HVAC  (270)686-4476     DT 15 
Stringer, Melissa Student Affairs Asst lll (270)686-4483     MN CC100
Sturgeon, Lorraine Training/ Prof Dev Specialist (270)852-8609     MN LRC224
Swanson, Susan Associate Professor, English (270)686-4422     MN H109
Taylor, Eunice Associate Professor, Nursing (270)686-4560     MN AC100H
Thomas, Brian Adult Education Specialist ll - SkillTrain (270)686-4454     DT 1
Thomas, Ceary  Division Administrative Assistant - Humanities & Fine Arts (270) 686-4623      MN     H119 
Thompson, Sandy Division Administrative Assistant - Advance Manufacturing Tech. (270)686-4463     MN ATC211
Tipmore, Barbara Dir of Counseling Services (270)686-4530     MN CC102D
Toms, Brian Information Tech Coord (270)686-4571     MN ATC113B
Tudor, Michelle Associate Professor, Radiography (270)686-4646      SE 211
VanCleve, Jimmy KCTCS Fire & Rescue (270)273-3187    
Vanover, Donna Business Affairs Assistant ll (270)686-4669      MN A105B
Vincent, Katie Program Facilitator (270)686-4423     DT S8
Wallace, Al Professor, Accounting     (270)686-4609     MN T126
Ward, Jeannette Associate Professor, Mathematics (270)686-4598     MN S121
Waters, Lora Library Specialist (270)686-4580     MN LRC100
Wetzel, Fred Professor, Psychology (270)686-4640     MN T117
White, Angila Business Affairs Asst ll (270)686-4416     MN A110
Williams, Chelsea Assistant Professor, Agriculture/Horticulture     (270)852-8601     SE     224
Williams, Jeffrey     Security Supervisor     (270)852-8977     MN A112
Williams, Scott President (270)686-3790     MN A129
Wilson, Pam Professor, Psychology (270)686-4642     MN T115
Wimpelberg, Nikki     Administrative Division Assistant - Nursing       (270)686-4596     MN     AC100G   
Wood-Grasela, Vickey Associate Professor, Welding (270)686-4497     SE 104
Wright, Frederick Instructor, Automotive (270)686-4461     SE 116B
Yazvac, Joe Professor, CC Counselor (270)686-4528     MN CC102B